Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Athens Marathon 2019

It’s the marathon that started them all—and on the bucket list of every self-respecting long-distance runner on the planet. Have you got what it takes to tackle the legendary 42km Athens Marathon? Retrace the epic journey of Phidippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens in 490BC to break the news of the Persians’ defeat. If you're not in touch with your inner Forrest Gump, you can bite off something a little less terrifying: there's also a 5km, 10km, Power Walking Race, 1.2km Special Olympics Race or Kids Race. More than 50,000 runners overall are expected from across the globe this year—and for the first time, the popular 10km race will be held the day before, on the Saturday, to allow more runners to sign up. Not one for running? Be a spectator and cheer on the heroes of all shapes, races and ages as they cross the finishing line at historic Panathenaic stadium, birthplace of the Modern Olympics. The mood is electric.