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Each neighbourhood in Athens has its own unique attractions and character. Explore the cafes you can’t miss in Exarchia, the vibrant nightlife in Gazi and the coolest shopping in Koukaki. Discover your new favourite Athenian neighbourhood with our insider guides.


The most famous Athenian neighbourhood of Plaka is definitely a top attraction for visitors. Its picturesque streets, historic landmarks and lively shops make it a must-see. Just be prepared for the crowds.

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What a difference a decade makes. The arrival of the landmark Acropolis Museum and the pedestrian walkway linking the city’s ancient monuments has seen this historic neighbourhood emerge as one of Athens’ most fashionable postcodes.

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Layers of history intersect at the city’s hub of commerce and craftsmanship.

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Historic Centre

The heart of modern Greece beats in the historic centre of Athens — but contrary to what you’d think, it has little to do with ancient ruins.

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The Athenian intelligentsia have long settled in this central neighbourhood of leafy squares and lively cafes. Now the hipsters are moving in too.

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Rebels with, and quite often without, a cause have earned Exarchia a reputation as the turf of anarchists and radicals.

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Neos Kosmos

Gritty, dense and lined with auto repair shops, Neos Kosmos was a silent blue collar neighbourhood you’d never go to unless you lived there. But when art came to town, a transformation began, and today this up-and-coming neighbourhood is coming alive.

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Sepolia / Kolonos

Head off the beaten track to Kolonos and Sepolia, two low-key residential areas that have yet to catch up with the fast-paced tempo of downtown Athens.

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