Terms and conditions


1. Subject-matter of the Contest

1.1. The company under the title  FRANK AND FAME ADVERTISING AND COMMUNICATION SA (Company), duly established and operating the laws of the Hellenic Republic, with registered seat at 33, Ag. Varvaras str, Chalandri, Athens, with Tax Registration Number 999081361 of the Tax Authority of SA Companies (FAE of Athens), representing the ATP Partners, namely Aegean Airlines, Athens International Airport and the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency S.A. (ADDMA S.A.) organizes and sponsors a promotion/ online contest (Contest) under the title “Take me to Athens”, as part of the 2016- 2017 Marketing and Communications programme (Programme) under the official brand umbrella with title “This is Athens, One City Never Ending Stories”.
1.2. The promotion/online contest shall be organized and implemented electronically via the Internet and in particular through the website, maintained by ADDMA S.A. at the web address www.thisisathens.org, which is the official website of the Programme.
1.3. The purpose of these terms and conditions (Terms & Conditions) is to define the terms and conditions of participation in the Contest as well as the selection of the winners.
1.4. By participating in the Contest, each Participant (as defined hereinbelow) agrees and accepts and is bound by these Terms & Conditions.

2. Eligibility to Participate in the Contest.
2.1. Eligible participants in the Contest are individuals over the age of eighteen years.
2.2. Further, prerequisite for any Participant in the Contest is:
2.2.1. to be registered as a user and to maintain an active account at social media network «Facebook», by stating the unique User Name and password (Password) (Facebook ID);
2.2.2. to state his/her compliance with all the terms of use of Facebook and operation of its account not been suspended for any reason
2.2.3. to state his/her agreement to enter their personal information (name, e-mail address).
2.2.4. To state his/her acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
2.3. All employees of the Company and the ATP Partners as well as relatives thereof up to third degree are excluded from the Contest and are not eligible to participate therein. Employees and directors (and their spouses, immediate families and household members) of the Company and the ATP Partners and their respective divisions, affiliates, agencies and subsidiaries, as well as anyone else connected in any way with the Contest or helping to set it up are not eligible to participate in the Contest or to win any prize, as well as any persons lacking legal capacity.
2.4. Any participation, which is not in accordance with the Terms & Conditions is automatically rendered null and void.
2.5. The entrance to the Contest requires the unreserved acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions, as well as any other terms provided by any other webpage to be utilized for the Contest purposes, which are binding in all respects for all potential participants. 
2.6. The Company and the ATP Partners reserve the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants and disqualify any entrant if it has reasonable grounds to believe that they have breached any of these terms and conditions.
2.7. Entry is strictly limited to one entry per person. Entries from agents or third parties are invalid.

3. Duration of the Contest
3.1. The entry period for the Contest begins on March 1st, 2017 and ends on March 31st, 2017. 
Entries made before the commencement or after the expiration of the Entry Period are void.
3.2. The Company and the ATP Partners are entitled to transfer or postpone the Entry Period of the Contest and/ or the time of the draw, at its sole discretion.
3.3. Following completion of the Contest and in particular on April 3rd, 2017, the Company and the ATP Partners will organize a draw, in order eight (8) Winners to be elected according to the provisions of Clause 6. For any runner-ups further draws will be performed.

4. Participation
4.1. During the Entry Period, each individual, who wishes to participate in the Contest must enter the website www.thisisathens.org and following the relevant instructions, to log in onto the Website with its Facebook login data and accept the terms and conditions of the Contest.
4.2. Each Participant, following proper log in, shall view a video and shall be invited to answer to one question, related to the video. Should the Participant answer correctly, its participation shall be automatically entered in the draw, without any charge or further process.
4.3. Following answer to the question, each Participant shall indicate the period (month) during which they would wish to redeem their Prize, in case of winning. Such period should be within the months of April and May, and is subject to ticket availability of Aegean Airlines and of the hotel that will offer the accommodation to the winners.
4.4. All participations are automatically and without any other requirement considered as unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the Participant.
4.5. Each participation is considered valid if: (a) satisfies these Terms and Conditions, (b) does not, in the Company’s sole discretion, result from illegal technical influence from any participant at the systems of the host or from fraud or unlawful interference, (c) has been submitted and is registered in the systems of the Company during the Entry Period and (d) such participation does not have any illegal or immoral content.
4.6. Each Winner may refuse the prize by not confirming the Prize Acceptance Newsletter within 48 hours.
4.7. The Company reserves its right to verify the eligibility of all entries and withdraw and disqualify ex-post any participation, which according to the Company’s discretion, is in breach of the Terms and Conditions. In such an event the Company should be able to substantiate any such disqualification and inform the participant accordingly.
4.8. Each Participant may participate in the Contest only once. Entries from agents or third parties are invalid.
4.9. Should there appear more entries either with the same Facebook ID, or with same personal details (name, surname, date and place of birth), the participation with first chronological order and priority shall be considered as eligible entry and all other subsequent entries will be deemed invalid and null and void and will be excluded from the draw.
4.10. For the participation in the Contest, no purchase is required.

5. Prize
5.1. The prize of the Contest is:
5.1.1. Round trip (economy class) flight tickets for the Winner and a guest from the following airports: (a) Frankfurt am Main, (b) Berlin (TXL), (c) Paris (CDG) with destination to the Athens International Airport;
5.1.2. Five days/Four nights (stays) for the Winner and one guest in Athens in a hotel, ranked four or five stars.
5.1.3. Transfer to hotel location from and to the airport subject to hotel availability.
5.2. Accommodation period for the Prize is April and May upon availability of air carrier and hotel accommodation, as demonstrated in para. 5.3. below. ] (Accommodation)
5.3. The exact travel dates and other details shall be agreed with the Company and the ATP Partners and shall be subject to availability, hotel and air carriers blackout dates and other restrictions (e.g. holiday seasons, etc), within the Accommodation. Air carriers blackout dates are the following: 12/04/2017-18/04/2017, 29/04/2017-2/05/2017, 2/06/2017-6/06/2017, 01/08/2017-31/08/2017, 27/10/2017-30/10/2017, 23/12/2017-08/01/2018. Airline tickets will only be booked and issued after the winner contacts the company’s ticket issuing office at the email address servicingoffice@aegeanair.com or by calling 0030 210 6261709.
5.4. The airline tickets are round-trip, economy class tickets and apply exclusively to flights operated by Aegean Airlines and/OR its subsidiary with distinctive title Olympic Air on a point-to-point basis or with a stop-over. Tickets are offered with a Space Confirmed right and may not be issued Open. In the event of a change being made after the ticket has been issued, there will be a reissue fee of twenty Euro (20€). Under no circumstances will any change be allowed in route or cabin class. It is explicitly agreed that the air tickets may not be sold or exchanged for cash. The tickets are only valid for flights operated by Aegean Airlines or its subsidiary with the distinctive title Olympic Air, and cannot be changed for tickets of another airline.
5.5. Any ticket not used for any reason will be voided and the winner may not claim any other prize or any compensation or remuneration.
5.6. The Company and the ATP Partners are not liable for any expenses incurred as a consequence of flight cancellation/delay. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the Prize. Seat selection and timing of the trip are subject to availability and confirmation of reservations.
5.7. Hotel and flights rates depicted in any advertising and promotional materials may vary from actual prize package. Additional restrictions may apply. 
5.8. The Company and the ATP Partners accept no responsibility for any variation in the value of prizes or any variation in the prizes advertised and the prizes provided.
5.9. The Prize may not be combined with any other offer and travel may not qualify for frequent flyer miles. Airport taxes and other charges and fees are included in the offer.
5.10. The Prize voucher is subject to all respective carriage and reservations general terms and conditions, deriving from the applicable national and EU legislation.
5.11. Each Winner and guest (Prize Group) must travel together on the same date and time and must be able to travel on the dates agreed with the Company and the ATP Partners; otherwise prize will be forfeited in its entirety. The Guests must also be 18 years of age or over.
5.12. The Prize Group is solely responsible for acquiring all necessary personal and travel documentation (including without limitation valid passport and travel visas) and according to applicable legislation. The Company and the ATP Partners are not liable in case the Prize cannot be redeemed due to lack of, expired or otherwise improper travel documentation, in which event the Winner and the Prize Group are disqualified.
5.13. The Winner and the Prize Group are responsible and bear any and all liability for and all respective costs and expenses incurred and associated with the Prize and/or use other than stated herein, including without limitation, transport from their residence to the above under clause 5.1.1 airports and return, taxes, fees and expenses, all state and income taxes, travel insurance, sightseeing fares, inland transportation, car rental and food expenditure. It is recommended that the Winner and the Prize Group obtain at their own cost and liability respective insurance coverage. Should they fail to do so, the Company and the ATP Partners bear no liability whatsoever and no claim of any legal nature may be invoked against them in any forum.
5.14. All components of the prize must be taken together. No prize substitutions or transfers are permitted except at the sole discretion of the Company and the ATP Partners. The prize package will be awarded to the persons whose names appear on the entry form and have been selected pursuant to Article 6 below.
5.15. Should a Prize become unavailable for reasons attributable solely to the Company and/or the ATP Partners, the Company and the ATP Partners reserves the right to substitute it with another of similar value.
5.16. The Company and the ATP Partners shall be entitled to cancel the Prize and itinerary without notice should the Winner or the Prize Group engage in any inappropriate, illegal or immoral behavior, use of excessive alcohol, artificial stimulants or illegal drugs, or act in any manner which brings the Company and the ATP Partners or any person or organization involved in the Contest and promotion thereof into public disrepute. 

6. Winner Selection
6.1. Each entry in the Contest which is recognized as valid acquires immediately a unique serial number.
6.2. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.
6.3. The draw shall be made electronically on the date specified above under clause 3.3. From the draw, eight (8) Winners shall be selected, from all the valid entries, as recorded by the Company and during the Entry Period. The first four (4) Winners and one guest per Winner will use their prize on April and the other four (4) Winners and one guest per Winner will use their Prize on May. The months are indicated subject to availability. If, despite all efforts, availability is not secured, then some or all Winners may, by exception, use their Prizes on another month. For runner-ups further draw will be performed.
6.4. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Entry period.
6.5. The Prize is personal and cannot be exchanged or replaced with other prize or gift or refunded.
6.6. The name of the Winner shall be communicated in the Official Facebook Page of the Programme, Thisisathens, on April 17th.
6.7. The Winner will be contacted via e-mail within seven working days with details on how to redeem the Prize. If after 48 hours the winner has not confirmed the prize’s acceptance, they will be disqualified and the Prize will be awarded to the next runner-up and so on. The same applies if the Winner does not wish to accept nor accepts the Prize or its participation is considered by the Company as invalid or voidable.
6.8. Confirmation of the details of the Winner will be made by the Company, which is entitled to verify the identity of the Winner, by all appropriate means and in its absolute discretion.
6.9. The Company is not responsible for unsuccessful communication with the Winner on the basis of the communication details they have registered.

7. Liability of the Company and the ATP Partners
7.1. The Company’s and the ATP Partners’ liability is limited solely to the delivery of the Prize and they do not undertake any other obligation whatsoever against the Participants.
7.2. The Company and the ATP Partners have no responsibility or liability, in case any participation is not property registered or for the non-delivery of the Prize by the Winner and/or any runner-up within the prescribed period.
7.3. The Company and the ATP Partners bear no civil or other responsibility liability against any Participant and/or Winner and/or the Prize Group runner up and/or the Prize Group for any accident and/ or injury and/ or any personal and other damage caused, related directly or indirectly with the Contest and the Prize and for any reason whatsoever.
7.4. Following expiry of the Entry Period, the Contest and the award of the Price, the Company and the ATP Partners shall have no further obligation.
7.5. By entering the Contest, each and all Participants release and hold the Company and the ATP Partners, as well as their respective agents, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries and employees harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the Contest or participation therein and related activity (including without limitation the removal from the website of, or discontinuation of access to, the Contest), or resulting directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, use, or misuse of any Prize awarded in connection with the Contest, including without limitation personal injury, death, and/or property damage, as well as claims based on publicity rights, defamation, and/or invasion of privacy.
7.6. The Company and the ATP Partners as well as their respective agents, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries and employees, are not responsible or liable for any damages or losses of any kind, including without limitation direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, arising out of any access to and/or use of the Website, the downloading from and/or printing material downloaded from the Website, the removal from the website, or discontinuation of access to, any materials, or the acceptance, possession, use, or misuse of, or any harm resulting from the acceptance, possession, use or misuse of, or participation in, the Prize awarded in connection with the Contest.
7.7. If in the Company’s and the ATP Partners’ opinion, there is any suspected or actual evidence of tampering with any portion of the Contest or any action that affects the administration, integrity, security, fairness, or proper conduct of the Contest, the Company and the ATP Partners reserve the right at their sole discretion to disqualify any participant who tampers with the entry process and void any entries it believes having been submitted fraudulently and to modify, suspend or terminate the Contest.
7.8. Although the Company and the ATP Partners have endeavoured to ensure the integrity of the Contest, they are not responsible for the actions of entrants or other individuals in connection with the Contest, including participants’ or other individuals’ attempts to circumvent these Terms and Conditions or otherwise interfere with the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Contest or its respective website.  The Company and the ATP Partners are not responsible for injury or damage to entrant’s or to any other person’s computer(s), cell phone(s), other equipment, or person(s), related to or resulting from participation in the Contest or downloading materials from or using the website. 
7.9. If, for any reason, the Contest is not capable of running as planned by reason of damage by computer virus, worms, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical limitations or failures, strikes, industry conditions, bankruptcy or liquidation, marketplace demands, applicable law, unforeseen obstacles, or any other causes which, in the sole opinion of the Company and/or the ATP Partners, could corrupt, compromise, undermine, or otherwise affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, viability, or proper conduct of the Contest, the Company and/or the ATP Partners reserve the right in their sole and absolute discretion to modify these Terms and Conditions and/or to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend all or any part of the Contest, and to select a winner among all eligible entries received up to the time of such cancellation, termination, modification, or suspension, as applicable.

8. Technical means
8.1. Participation in this Contest requires access to the internet by the participants and any other person interested, with their own technical means. The Company and the ATP Partners assume no obligation, regarding the access by the participants and any other person interested to Internet and the websites.
8.2. Access to the website of the Contest is allowed only under the conditions of the relevant server and the technical and other requirements and specifications of the Contest. Furthermore, the Company and the ATP Partners are not responsible for any cost and or expense any participant may sustain from the above causes.
8.3. The Company and the ATP Partners are not responsible for any damage to the website thereof, resulting in temporary or permanent interruption of the Contest or disqualification of any entries due to non-registration thereof. Furthermore,. the Company and the ATP Partners are not responsible for incomplete, late, lost, or misdirected entries or for any technical malfunction, human  error, lost/delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, or line failure in connection with any telephone network, computer equipment, software or any combination thereof. Entries are void if unreadable, inaccurate, incomplete, tampered with, forged, mechanically reproduced, irregular in any way, or otherwise not in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
8.4. Entries and other submitted materials become the property of the ATP Partners  and/or its promotional partner(s) and will not be acknowledged or returned.

9. Intellectual Property Rights
9.1. The Participants do not acquire any right whatsoever on the brands, names, and other insignia of the Company and the ATP Partners and any other company participating in the Contest.
9.2. Any modification, publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation, connection, downloading or other use, in whole or in part, of the Contest, its content and of the Website in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is absolutely prohibited.
9.3. The Company and the ATP Partners are not responsible for the content of any participations in the Contest, which (Participants) are not allowed to post or publicize in any way through the Website information of any third party.
9.4. During the Contest, any defamatory or obscene comment, or comment infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights of third parties, shall be immediately deleted, at the Company’s and/or the ATP Partners’ absolute discretion and relevant participations shall be excluded from the Contest.

10. Personal Data
10.1. The Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, or any other Social Network. The Participant is providing information to the Company and not any other party. 
10.2. The information provided will be used in conjunction with the Privacy Policy terms applicable herein. Without prejudice to the applicable personal data protection legislation, the entrants agree and are bound by the following:
10.3. Any and all participations in the Contest are considered as explicit and unconditional consent of the Participant, within the provisions of Law 2472/1997 and 3471/2006, as currently in force, with regard to collection and process of personal data by the Company and the ATP Partners for information and publication reasons, within the Contest.
10.4. All personal data of the Participants will be recorded and kept by the Company and the ATP Partners, which are responsible for relevant processing either through automated means or otherwise and thereby or through any other person appointed by the Company and/or the ATP Partners, which will act on behalf, on instructions and on behalf of the Company and/or the ATP Partners, in accordance with the provisions of the 2472/1997 and n. 3471/2006, as in force.
10.5. By entering this Contest and unless prohibited by law, any and all Participants hereby consent to the use of his/her respective name, voice, photograph and/or likeness for advertising or publicity purposes for this and similar promotions without any compensation. Moreover, by entering this Contest, unless prohibited by law, the potential prize winners agree to grant to the Company and the ATP Partners, and their licensees, affiliates, and assigns, the right to print, publish, broadcast, and use, worldwide in any media now known or hereafter developed, including without limitation the World Wide Web.
10.6. The Company and the ATP Partners have the right to ask from the Winners, who redeem the Prize, to share with the Company and the ATP Partners audiovisual material (photos and video), concerning the Prize, for promotional and advertising purposes. In addition, the Company and the ATP Partners have the right to request a relevant quote from the Winner describing his/her experience before and after the trip in order to be used from the ATP Partners and the Company, for promotional and advertising purposes. The Winner unconditionally agrees and accepts the Company’s and the ATP Partners’ rights to publish or otherwise use their audiovisual material, including the Winners’ faces and data they have provided, throughout the Internet or any other media, save for opposite law provisions. This by no means violates their personality rights of privacy policy. The Winners have no compensation, fee or other rights regarding the above publications as well as any other promotional activity.
10.7. Should, at all times any Participant wish to withdraw its consent regarding the use of data at the above and to exercise the rights deriving from articles 11-13 of law 2472/1997 (access and objection rights), such Participant may communicate via e-mail to the following address info@frankandfame.gr
10.8. Each and all Participants in the Contest, without any consideration, provide their express consent and authorization to the Company and the ATP Partners to communicate the Contest via any and all means of communication, including indicatively, radio, television, (internet) and social media. 

11. General Terms

11.1. Participation in the Contest implies unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and subsequently waiver of any claim of any nature whatsoever against the Company and the ATP Partners.
11.2. The Company and the ATP Partners reserve the right to modify, revoke, extend or shorten the duration of the Contest and the Entry Period, at their sole discretion and judgment as well as to alter and amend the Terms and Conditions and the Entry Period and/or revoke the Contest and subsequently the promotion of the Prize. All such modifications shall be communicated via the Website and or other means, as the Company may select at its absolute discretion.
11.3. In any of the above cases, the Company and the ATP Partners bear no responsibility or liability against the Participants. In case of withdrawal, cancellation, interruption, extension etc. of the Contest, the Participants do not acquire any right against the Company and the ATP Partners nor are the Participants entitled to request the completion or continuation of the Contest or any compensation and for any reason whatsoever.
11.4. The purpose of these analytical Terms and Conditions is to define the terms and conditions for participation in the Contest. These Terms and Conditions shall at all times be uploaded in the contest’s page.
11.5. These Terms are Conditions are governed by Greek Law. Any dispute relating to the Contest, which may occur in the future, be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant Courts of Athens, Greece