Shopping in Athens!

Shopping in Athens!
Shopping in Athens!

Athens has an impressive variety of goods to offer shoppers, from top designer labels and exquisite jewelry to fine antiques and high quality leather goods. The sales period is the big chance to obtain all things offered by the Athens shopping paradise at a better price. Winter sales in Athens start in the middle of January and last approximately until the middle of March when you can get discounts of up to 50% and 70%. Most shops are open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 9 am-3 pm and on Tuesday and Thursday 9 am-8 pm.


Kolonaki is the neighborhood of the "elite" Athenians and it traditionally houses top designers and expensive retail boutiques. Just a stone's throw from Syntagma Square, Kolonaki has always been the most fashionable and chic area of Athens, teeming with shops, trendy coffee shops and hip restaurants. Tsakalof is Kolonaki's most famous street and is rated among the six most expensive streets in the world.

Ermou Street is another much longer street not to miss if shopping is among your travel objectives. Off Syntagma Square, it has always been Athens' busiest shopping street. Men and women can find very good shopping prices on high quality items like shoes and clothing in many boutiques not only along Ermou, but along Metropoleos and Aiolou streets.

Other major shopping sites in Athens are Kifissia in the north, which historically has always catered to the sophisticated and well-to-do shopper, and Glyfada on the south coast, which is the alter ego of the posh Kolonaki with the added value of being along the coast.

JEWELRY  Athens has had a long tradition of handcrafted jewelry for almost 3,500 years. Consider taking a walk around Voukourestiou and adjacent streets where exceptionally designed and handmade pieces can be found.

ANTIQUES  Antique shops can be found mainly in the Monastiraki area, where the largest open-air market of Athens takes place every day. It's certainly worth considering a visit, since it offers a broad variety of antiques from glass and silver items to pieces of furniture and old appliances. Don't miss the outdoor bazaar at Monastiraki's Avissinia Square on Sundays for a gallery of bargain antique mirrors, wood furniture and bric-a-brac