Ten theme festivals give the holiday pulse!

Ten theme festivals give the holiday pulse!
12/16/2011 - 00:39
01/05/2012 - 00:39
Ten theme festivals give the holiday pulse!

This Christmas, all the artistic forces of the city of Athens become the "spirit of the city" and work together to prepare festivities. Ten theme festivals give the pulse of this holiday season for the next 30 days and nights in all main squares of the city: Syntagma, Klaythmonos and Kotzia. The celebrations will spread at the same time in 17 different neighborhoods of the city. And all this, thanks to 700 artists, musicians, bands, singers, dancers, painters, actors and jugglers....

Nine out of ten festivals will take place in December and one in January.
Here we present them in chronological order:

"Music of the World" (16-18/12, Klaythmonos Square). The heart of culture will be beating at the City's center! The City of Athens is organizing an Open Music Festival, with sounds from all over the World. Music from Balkan countries, Istanbul and Asia Minor will blend with tarantellas, fados, flamencos, gipsy swing and tangos, along with Christmas carols and other songs. 25 well-known bands and more than 100 artists, hope to make this festival an institution for the years to follow, even at an international level, helping artists to become known abroad.
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The "Magical Square of Children" (17,18,22,23,24,30 and 31/12 & 3-5/1, Syntagma Square) A stage transformed into a circus will be placed on the Square, where children will be invited to play. Stilt men will be wondering around the Square, playing with our young friends, in the Garden of Statues, which will consist of mimes in the role of statues. will. Children can observe them and play around them, or they can get involved in an interactive game with them.
At the same time, face painting will be available, transforming children into heroes, in a colorful and creative way.
Children Theater performances, puppetry, along with magicians, acrobats, angels, jugglers....and a disco, playing children and Christmas music....will entertain our young friends, always under their animator's guidance.

"Pantomime days- Nights of Magic" (19,20,21/12, Syntagma and Kotzia Squares) For three whole days from 12 noon to 15.00, on Syntagma Square, puppetry and mime shows will take you to a magical fantasy world. In the afternoon, these shows will move to Kotzia Square from 17.00 to 19.00, where magicians will amaze young children and grown ups with their unique abilities!

"Les Jours les plus Courts" (20, 21/12, "Technopolis"
complex and the French Institute of Athens). City of Athens "Technopolis" complex, the French Institute of Athens, the Drama Festival and the municipal radio station "Athina 9,84" will present a selection of short length films from France, Europe and the United States. The collaboration of these 4 institutions invites you to see some great films, always keeping you in the Christmas mood. Admission will be free. Everyone will have the chance to enjoy films that have been awarded for their quality, most of them being comedies, with interesting music selections.

"Jazzy Christmas" (22-24/12, Klaythmonos Square). A broad range of music, from swing to jazz, will be presented by 25 well-know bands and singers, who aim to make this jazz festival on Klaythmonos Square equivalent to what Athenian Christmas used to be.
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"Choir Festival" (23/12, Kotzia Square). The old time classic choir song of the old Athenians will be revitalized at Kotzia Square with the collaboration of three different choirs and visitors. Christmas carols will transform the Square, where festivities will become the center of cultural expression, creativity and participation of young children and grown-ups.

The "Juggling Festival- the Toy corner" (27-29/12, Syntagma Square and "Panagiotis Gkazkas" Closed Gym, Mets) Syntagma Square will be transformed to a gigantic Circus! The most famous jugglers of the city and their guests from abroad will take you to a magical world of toys, with unique performances that will amaze children and grown-ups.
Those who enjoy this art form, and those who want to learn more about it, will have the chance to admire performances of stilts, acrobats and jugglers, using balls, poi, diabolo, devil sticks, rings, hula hoops and many other things...!
Moreover, all afternoons during these days, from 14.00 until 21.00, juggling and acrobat seminars will take place at the "Panagiotis Gkazkas"Closed Gym, Mets.
This 3day unique festival will conclude with a parade and a spectacular performance, full of music and fire! Communication sponsor-Athina 9.84

The "New Music Stage"(27-29/12, Klaythmonos Square) A new alternative music style has been constantly gaining grounds, since it is both of great quality and fun. Many talented artists, both established and new ones, will join their forces to create a cheerful music 3day event.
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The "Classical Orchestra Festival" (28-31/12, Kotzia Square & Acropolis Museum) The Greek National Opera, ERT, the Athens State Orchestra, all Music groups of the City of Athens and independent music groups join forces to create a Classical Music Festival, which will top the City's celebration with its sounds during the New Year's Eve celebrations.
Communication Sponsor: Third Program, ERT.

At the turn of the New Year, another festival, the

"Expression Festival-Arts meet" will take place. (2-5 January 2012, "Anna and Maria Kalouta" Multi-Venue, Neos Kosmos & Klaythmonos Square). Theater, music and dancing meet at Klaythmonos Square and at the City of Athens "Anna and Maria Kalouta" Multi-venue, Neos Kosmos. Each performance goes through the Square, to end on stage. It is an alternative "multi-festival" that gives special attention to the elements of expression and sensitivity. New artists will present their social views through art.

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Start date: 
16 Dec 2011
End date: 
5 Jan 2012

Syntagma, Klaythmonos and Kotzia squares