A Festive Day for Foster Families and the children of “MITERA”

A Festive Day for Foster Families and the children of “MITERA”
12/22/2011 - 00:27
A Festive Day for Foster Families and the children of “MITERA”

This Christmas, the radio station of  Athens, Athina 9.84, "adopts" the Infant Care Center "Mitera" and its Branches (Penteli Convalescent Home, "Agios Andreas" Childland and "Agia Varvara Childland). "MITERA" is one of the main Child Protection Institutions in Greece, which- through adoptions and fostering of unprotected,abandoned and abused children- aims at securing for them a normal psychological and social future.

"Athina 9.84" in times of crisis em brasses this courageous act of fostering a child, and supports the necessary needs of the Institution, by organizing a big celebration party for foster families and their children on Thursday, December 22nd 2011 at the "Technopolis" complex. On the same day, the station's radio program will be altered in order to promote the activities of "Mitera", but also in order to promote the idea behind the institutions of adoption and foster families.

The Christmas festival will take place on Hall D12 of the "Technopolis" complex, which was granted for this purpose.

"Athina 9.84" will offer Christmas lunch for 200 people, parents and their children, many of which have kinetic problems. All together they will enjoy spectacles and music, while Santa Clause will give gifts to these 79 children and will take pictures with them.


Constant news on Christmas activities can be read on our web page www.christmasinathens.gr and on our facebook page "Athens Is Celebrating" www.facebook.com/christmasinathens2011

For more information, please contact the Press Office of "Athina 9,84" (Elena Sourdi, Konstantina Kalliatzi) on 210- 3409241-2 and 210-3409254 or via email at  press.office@athina984fm.gr


Start date: 
22 Dec 2011
End date: 
22 Dec 2011

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