Agenor Asteriadis 1898 - 1977

Agenor Asteriadis 1898 - 1977
09/23/2011 - 23:00
11/20/2011 - 23:00
Agenor Asteriadis 1898 - 1977

This retrospective exhibition at Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece looks at one of the most important representatives of the artists, who collectively are referred to as the Thirties Generation; who contributed to a renaissance of Greek art in the Interwar years, combining the teachings of the European avant-garde with references to Greek tradition. As an active member of this generation, he took part in the activities of the Art Group 1930, as well as in major exhibitions, both in Greece and overseas.

The exhibition will include 150 works by Asteriadis from various collections throughout Greece, unpublished drawings and watercolours, as well as materials from his private archive, a large part of which is published for the first time. Visitors will follow in the artist's footsteps, partake of his aesthetic choices, and examine the influences of other contemporary or older artists, Greek or foreign, that shaped his oeuvre.

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Start date: 
23 Sep 2011
End date: 
20 Nov 2011

Benaki Museum
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