Culture & Tradition

Take part in many of the Greek and Athenian traditions that we outline here. They remain at the heart and serve as a key frame reference for the Athenians.

Athens is a special Christmas destination, as it continually becomes more exciting and spectacular each year. Christmas in Athens showcases an elaborate list of “winter wonderlands” that young and old anticipate and enjoy. Towering Christmas trees, holiday performances, ice-skating rinks, jolly Santas, magically-lit boulevards, and ornate department store displays begin in mid-November and last through early January.
Tradition and religion go hand in hand. And in Athens, you don’t have to be of a particular religion to partake in the many colorful and delicious traditions that accompany Greek Orthodox Easter. From the special Lenten and Easter dishes, masquerade parties and sweets and festive family and friend gatherings, there are ways to enjoy this time without even being Greek. Here are some tips on what to do when in Athens during Lent and Easter.
Dancers of this genre will tell you exactly how vibrant this art form is with major competitions held worldwide. Doing its part is Dora Stratou, a well-known, highly regarded Athens-based dance company that refers to itself as a “live dance museum.” Whether you are serious about learning or perhaps perfecting dances that your friends and grandparents may have taught you, Dora Stratou offers lessons in English as well (in the summer).
There are so many great things and ways to enjoy life in Athens, a lot, due to the mild climate and love of life state of mind. Here are a few things to try to get into a cool “Athens state of mind”…
The pleasant climate and geography of Athens and the Attica region lends itself to the love of life lifestyle and character of the Greeks. This “pack-up-the family and/or friends” and lets go!” attitude is big part of living in Greece.