Greater Athens

Greater Athens hotels
Greater Athens hotels

The quieter plush green suburbs of Kifissia, Kefalari -- and additional areas just outside of Athens and the popular coastal towns -- offer a neoclassical or modern escape with accommodations and amenities fit for the demanding traveler. Relax and indulge the fresh air that these venues offer, without compromising comfort and style.

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OLYMPIC3 stars+302106813430
PALACE HOTEL4 stars+302108948361
PALMYRA BEACH HOTEL4 stars+302108981183
PANTHEON HOTEL2 stars+302299063040
PARK2 stars+302106007115
PARNIS PALACE4 stars+302102464010
PENTELIKON HOTEL5 stars+302106230650
PINES3 stars+302106205011
PIRAEUS THEOXENIA5 stars+302104112550
PLATON3 stars+302102815612