An underwater journey at Athens Airport

Athens International Airport exhibition
Athens International Airport exhibition

To celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity, Athens International Airport and ΜΕDASSET (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles) welcome airport visitors to an impressive photography exhibition titled "Travelling with Sea Turtles in the Mediterranean". The exhibition, which will run from 3 May to 29 August, takes visitors on a "deep-sea tour" of the amazing biodiversity in the Mediterranean, the protection of which is MEDASSET's main objective.

Marine scientist and underwater photographer Yiannis Issaris guides us through an exploration of the rich seabed and its inhabitants. Well-known photographers from around the world, such as David Schrichte, Kurt Amsler, Nuno Sá, Franco Banfi and Angel M. Fitor, have also contributed their photographs. In the 30 photographs on display, visitors can admire the Mediterranean flora and fauna and will learn about the imminent dangers they face: climate change, invasive species, pollution, over-fishing and ecosystem destruction.

The sea turtle, one of the animals most at risk with extinction, naturally holds a special position in the exhibition. As flagship species, sea turtles are ambassadors of all species and habitats in need of protection. Photographs from MEDASSET's many years of continuous activity across the Mediterranean are also on display, along with informative material regarding the protection of sea turtles.

The exhibition at the Athens International Airport will be open to the public for four months, starting on Monday May 3 in the airport's Environmental Information Centre / Departures Level / Entrance 3. The exhibition is accessible to all passengers and airport visitors on a 24-hour basis.