First inline skating race at Athens parking garage

inline skating
01/24/2010 - 00:00
inline skating

A new type of downhill race will take place on 24 January, bringing the inline skating revolution to Athens, Greece. More than 40 participants from aggressive and fitness inline skating will go head to head in a challenging descent. The Red Bull Park-In-Line ramp will be part of a multi-story parking garage in the centre of Athens, Greece. Beginning at the top and finishing on the ground floor, competitors will fight it out in fours, as they try to knock each other out of the competition. The winner: the fastest rollerblader to survive to the end.

The parking garage to be used for the event is located at 106 Michalakopoulou Street and the only thing that is certain is that the descent will not be easy. The spectacle presented by the competitors will be exciting, to say the least. The race will start at 17:00 and a freestyle rail session and after-party with loud music and barbeque will follow the end of the race.

Start date: 
24 Jan 2010
Start time: 

106 Michalakopoulou Str., Athens

Nearest Metro: Megaron Mousikis (Line 3)


Admission Free