Athens Digital Week

Athens Digital Week
10/14/2009 - 00:13
10/18/2009 - 00:13
Athens Digital Week

The City of Athens is staging the Athens Digital Week Festival for the second consecutive year. It is set to take place from 14 October to 18 October at Technopolis. The Festival will offer all visitors entertainment and information on outstanding achievements and the potential of the electronic age. Athens Digital Week promises to young and old visitors that this year they will have the opportunity to witness a unique interactive experience. They will also have the opportunity to play, communicate and express themselves through technology.

Radio station "Athina 9.84," Technopolis, DAEM and the City of Athens Cultural Organisation are in charge of Athens Digital Week.

Last year's Athens Digital Week festival was a huge success, attended by young fans of video games, parents with enthusiastic children and citizens who love technology and art. A total of 35,000 people of all ages (15-55 years) visited Technopolis (about 600 people per hour) and attended 44 hours of robotics, 40 hours of lectures, 44 hours of visual art, 56 hours of modding and 56 hours of endless gaming, among other activities.

Emphasising the practical applications of new technologies, this year's Athens Digital Week Festival will cover nine subject areas of the digital world:
GAMING: Presentations of new gaming consoles, exhibition of old gaming consoles (coin-operated game machines), competitions: Counter-Strike-Warcraft III - Trackmania - Quake-ProEvolution.

ROBOTICS: Programmed robot, fight, follow lines, solve puzzles, robotic flowers reacting to external stimuli, flight simulators and amazing football matches with toe-footed robots with the participation of Kouriton, the world champions from Crete.

MODDING: Cooling with liquid nitrogen by internationally renowned Greek modders, overclocking and spacecraft materials aimed to create the most original and unique machine you have ever seen! - PC Case Modding Section, Overclocking Section, Gadget Modding, Modding and Overclocking Competitions.

SPACE: Celestia gives everyone the opportunity to observe the solar system on huge screens with a click for an authentic tour of space! Contests: Photo exhibition of planets and stars with photographs taken by digital cameras and telescopes; a quiz and an original game with planets, stars and galaxies.

DIGITAL MUSIC: The Technopolis courtyard will be converted into a huge studio! Digital consoles, computers and art machines give everyone the opportunity to create and hear their own music. Loud music and video will be projected on huge screens.

VISUAL ART: Digital (matte) Painting, Digital Illustrating - vector based illustrations, Art for Web: 2-D/Flash/3d-papervision, Art Installations (VR), Local Showreel, and Movies, the Best 2-D and 3-D commercial art, Graffiti Research Lab - graffiti artists that create with open source technologies. The nomass team for a second consecutive year will present the online project on "character design." On the special website that will be configured for the presentation of projects, artists from around the world will have the opportunity to post their work. A large number of internationally known designers from around the world are expected to showcase their work on this website.

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Get to know your digital friends! Events organised through Facebook and Twiter. Facebook party - social camps.

TELECOM: Incredible content for business or pleasure, mobile internet, applications for PDA and all the other terms of mobile technology! Your office everywhere, Mobile TV, Mobile Music, Mobile Studio, Mobile Navigation / GIS Applications (SatWays), Mobile Games, SMS / MMS Games, Mobile Web 2.0.

Athens Digital Week is a multi-faceted event with free admission to 4,820 m2 of digital entertainment and information, focusing on innovation and exciting new roads being opened by technology.

The City of Athens gives us a rare opportunity to literally "live" the technology. The largest technology festival! This is Athens Digital Week.

Start date: 
14 Oct 2009
End date: 
18 Oct 2009
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100 Pireos st, Gazi

How to get there:
Metro Line 3, Kerameikos station


Admission Free