The 5th Ecolife exhibition in Athens

05/28/2009 - 00:00
05/31/2009 - 00:00

The 5th Ecolife, the only general exhibition for organic products, this year is being staged in cooperation with "Technopolis S.A" of the City of Athens and will take place from 28 to 31 May at the Technopolis Entertainment Centre. Companies and ecological organisations from all over Greece will once more exhibit their suggestions for making quality choices in Environment-Friendly Products and Services.

The idea for Ecolife emerged with the purpose of serving the vision of "ecology in everyday life," and it is the first integrated exhibition of environment-friendly products and services to take place in Greece.

The demand for safe and healthy products is continuously rising in response to the rapid expansion of many applications: from ecological building and clean energy, to healthy nutrition, natural beauty and health products, alternative forms of tourism and transport.

However, it is still difficult for the consumers to easily access these options, to feel secure in choosing certified products, to recognise their added value in relation to the conventional products, to be informed about the latest technological advances and the cost of the alternative options offered to them.

Ecolife was created in order to fill this gap, offering companies and organisations the opportunity to promote their products and services. This has been achieved within the framework of an integrated attempt to inform the Greek and international public and professionals, which is already supported by major social and professional bodies, such as: Greenpeace, the Mediterranean SOS Network, the Ecological Recycling Society, the Greek Solar Industry Association (EBHE), the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (HELAPCO) and many others.

Ecolife covers five extended sections:

  • Services & Organizations
  • Organic Food Products
  • Health - Wellness - Beauty
  • Clean and Renewable Energy
  • Eco-Building

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Start date: 
28 May 2009
End date: 
31 May 2009
Start time: 
End time: 

Athens Technopolis
100, Pireos st, Gazi District

Opening hours:
Thursday 28/5: 16.00-23.00
Friday 29/5: 10.00-23.00
Saturday 30/5: 10.00-23.00
Sunday 30/5: 10.00-23.00


Admission: €3