Italia in Piazza 2009

Italia in Piazza
06/01/2009 - 00:49
06/06/2009 - 00:49
Italia in Piazza

Visitors to Technopolis in Athens will be able to learn about the Italian way of life through various arts at the Italia in Piazza 2009 show from 1 to 6 June. For the third consecutive year, the Italian Embassy in Athens is staging a series of events under the title Italia in Piazza 2009 and will include music recitals, films that are part of the first Italian Film Festival, scientific seminars, commercial and cultural events and the presentation of wines and cuisine from various regions of Italy.

Specifically, this year's event will include presentations from cultural, scientific and economic milieus, such as:

  • The Italian Film Festival, hosted in cooperated with the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
  • An exhibition of film posters from the National Film Museum in Turin.
  • An exhibition of satellite images showing major climate changes titled Mother Earth - Modern Technology Serving the Environment.
  • A scientific conference titled Mother Earth, where guests will include distinguished scientists from the Greek and Italian academic communities.
  • A music festival titled Dulcis in Fundo, featuring recognised Italian and Greek artists.
  • A photography exhibition titled Stabat Mater, dedicated to Irene Pappas' performance of the same name in Naples.
  • An exhibition of mosaics showing work by young artists and hand-made materials originating from the traditional glass workshops in Murano,Venice.


Start date: 
1 Jun 2009
End date: 
6 Jun 2009
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Athens Technopolis
100, Pireos st, Gazi District

How to get there:
Metro Line 3 Kerameikos station


Admission Free