Athens Fringe Festival 2009

Athens Fringe Festival
Athens Fringe Festival

In June 2009 (15-21) Synthesis, in collaboration with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, organizes Athens Fringe Festival 2009 in "Technopolis" the most versatile arts centre of the city in the area of Gazi. Athens Fringe is the first off Athens festival, a celebration of the arts that welcomes artists from all over the world to showcase their work, exchange ideas and interact with the city and its inhabitants.

Synthesis Media Company was established in 2001 with the purpose to breathe "fresh air" in the cultural reality of Greece. The motto of the Company is "reality is beautiful". It specifically aims to make use of marketing techniques in order to present classical works to everyday, modern people.

Act for Fringe: Call for artists

This is an open invitation to artists from around the world to present their artistic projects and interfere creatively with the city of Athens. Through happenings, installations, street art shows, theatre performances, gigs, puppetry environment and so on, artists will have a chance to interact with the urban and the people who inhabit it in order to contribute to mapping arts and activism in the city of Athens.

Synthesis wish to collaborate with artists, activists, NGO's and whoever else thinks that his/her creative input can change the city for a week.

Synthesis would like to explore all kinds of relationships that can co-exist in the arts, in architecture, in the cityscape, the human body, in philosophy, ecology and technology and the way that these can relate to the notion of the city.

Volunteers: The heart & soul of the Festival

The needs of an international arts festival are varied and many. From box office and front of house staff to drivers and interpreters, volunteers are the moving force of the festival.

All volunteers will obtain a free pass that will give them access to all events scheduled to take place at Technopolis during the Festival. For those with a special interest in events & festival management, their participation as volunteers in Athens Fringe Festival 2009 will be a first-class opportunity to work on-site and follow step-by-step the creative process of setting up an international celebration of the Arts that will bring together artists and active citizens from around Europe and the world.

If you are interested to participate in Athens Fringe Festival contact Synthesis at: &

18 Lykavittou Street
P. C 10673
Tel: 0030- 210 33 90 447