Bus Athens

Bus Athens
Bus Athens

Thermal Buses S.A (ETHEL)

The Ethel buses are the core lines that connect the Athens and Piraeus city center with the centers of surrounding municipalities. The renovation of the core Athens bus system resulted in hundreds of new buses, many of them powered by natural gas. There are several express bus routes to and from Athens International Airport. Thermal Buses run daily from 5:00am to 23:00pm.

For more information: call 185 or +302108836076

The Athens blue bus network consists of more than 320 lines connecting the city center with all the Athens suburbs and with Piraeus. OASA provides information on the best way to reach a destination by dialing 185. Blue buses run daily from 5:00am to 00:15am.

For more information: www.oasa.gr

Trolley or Electric Buses (ILPAP)

The old yellow trolleys of Athens' past have been replaced by cutting-edge purple and yellow trolley buses with digital displays. The trolleybus is just one more means of transport to take you where you want to go in Athens. Trolleybuses run daily from 5:00am to 00:30am.

For more information: call 185 or +302108836076

Intercity Bus Company or Association of Bus Operators (KTEL)

The Greek bus companies, or KTEL, serve destinations outside of Athens and have a dense network throughout Greece. Almost every city and village has a local KTEL with routes to main centers and to Athens. There are two bus terminals: Kifissou 100 serves the Peloponnese +302105124910 and western Greece; The Liossion 260 terminal serves central and northern Greece +302108317109;

For more information: call 1440; www.ktel.org

24-Hour Bus Lines:

  1. 500 Piraeus – Kifissia
  2. Χ14 Syntagma – Kifissia
  3. 040 Piraeus – Syntagma
  4. Ano Patissia– Pagrati – Ν. Elvetia
  5. Glyfada-Peristeri (Agios Antonios)
  6. X93 Kifissos Interurban Station Buses – Athens International Airport Εxpress
  7. Χ95 Syntagma – Athens International Airport Εxpress
  8. Χ96 Piraeus – Athens International Airport Εxpress
  9. Χ97 Dafni Station – Athens International Airport Εxpress