Halkida, Evia


Where: 88 km (55 miles) from Athens

Why: For the drive over the swing bridge, crossing over the narrow Evripos Straits and subsequent view of the tidal current below (which Aristotle tried hard to explain in ancient times) and for the fresh fish tavernas and ouzomezedopoleia.

How to get there: By car, bus or train

Approximate travel time from Athens: 1.5 hours

Don't miss: Archaeological Museum of Chalkis; The Karababas Castle, built by the Turks in 1684; the Emir Zade Mosque; the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum inside the castle; The Byzantine church of Agia Paraskevi.

Beaches: Visit the nearby seaside towns of Eretria and Kimi for crystal blue waters.

Did you know? The town's name is said to originate from Halkos (copper), which the residents once processed on the island. The ancient city was a renowned trading center, which established several colonies and contained famous temples dedicated to Zeus, Apollo and the goddess Hera.


When in Athens, take a peek into the plains of the Peloponnese home to the first capital of Greece, Nafplion; the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia; several of the world's most ancient archaeological sites, the Ancient Theater of Epidavros, Mycenae and Tiryns, Ancient Corinth; and, in recent years, a coastline of casinos in Loutraki.