Athens for People with Disabilities

Athens_Street 1.jpg
Athens_Street 1.jpg

All mass transit - buses, trolley, tram, metro and railway are handicap-equipped as are most hotels, museums and archaeological sites. Most of the blue buses have special ramps to facilitate the boarding and disembarking of people with mobility problems, while all new buses are also equipped with a kneeling system for that same purpose.

Metro stations have access for people with disabilities. Click here for details. The passengers can use the elevators to get to the platforms, whereas there are also special places within the carriages. Athens International Airport (AIA) Eleftherios Venizelos' handicapped facilities can be found here. It is important to note that the taxis at AIA are not accessible to people with disabilities. Arrangements for taxi hire should be made in advance. A few contact numbers include: Katsonis Brothers: + 30 210 935 1757; mobile: +30 6944 535 762 and +30 6945 781 854; The Syndicate of Athens Limousines: +30 210-323 3957 or +30 210-323 7942

Accommodation Following the large - scale renovation program that took place on the occasion of Athens 2004 Olympic Games, most of the hotels in Athens have updated their infrastructure and services to provide access and services for people with disabilities. All you have to do is contact your hotel in advance to find out the services it offers.

Additional links: Disability NOW (+30 210-866 0556; +30 210-691 3301) a non-profit, non-governmental entity, provides information for the disabled that may be found at; Athens office of the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT): +30 210-614 8380;; EPIVATIS (, +30 210-331 6561) Citizens' network for Public Transport and Sustainable Mobility ; Non-Profit Organisation - NGO , Member of the European Passengers' Federation