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Athens, the ‘city of intellect’, is part of the Attica basin situated at the south-eastern tip of the Greek mainland. The city of Athens is the capital of Greece and it is the heart of the country — an economic and industrial, as well as political and cultural centre. 

Athens is considered the intellectual and artistic centre of Greece, a ‘jewel’ of the ancient world. It is the city where mankind’s most precious and most significant moral values were founded. Philosophy, science, literature, art and drama are just some of the concepts born in ancient Athens. Democracy, freedom, justice and forward thinking are ideals conceived in this great city and which constitute the core principles of western civilization and our society today. The major part of Ancient Greek History is directly associated with the city of Athens. 

There is some great running in Athens. We include a ‘runseeing’ tour of some of the city’s historic highlights. Other highlights include several wonderful parks, Mount Lycabettus, trails around the Acropolis, and even some seaside running. Many of our routes incorporate Athens’ historic and archaeological sites . Those who like running hills will find great options in Athens! There are some great parks and green spaces within 15 km of the city, many reachable by train or metro. 

A note about running in Athens: this is a crowded city, with lots of traffic. Running on some of main roads might be challenging or not that pleasant, so seek out some of the routes we have pointed out. Also, remember that Athens is hilly…and HOT in the summer.

Athens hosted the 2004 Olympic Games, which led to major changes in the infrastructure: a new international airport, new metro lines and a regional highway were constructed, while, through the process of landscaping, millions of indigenous trees and shrubs were added to the region. 

Note: Many thanks to RunninGreece for their help with this guide! We encourage you to enjoy one of their wonderful running tours.

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